Magical mystical crazy kind Bryn the Dog.

He passed away recently. We are bereft. Greif is tidal, but we hold onto the fourteen years of wonderful memories  that Bryn gave us.

He was a powerful presence in many lifes. He came on loads of shoots with me and was a very calming presence [for me and the crew] he dissolved sticky situation’s ,seemed to know when to step up to calm and entertain.

Bryn was very smart.

My assistants grew very attached to him – every year up at our cottage in Wales, we gather for a reunion weekend .  All of my old assistants are doing very well – working hard and I’m very proud of them all.

Bryn passed away shortly before this years scheduled ‘Happening on the Hill’.

I didn’t tell them before they came that Bryn had died. Really it was hard for me to vocalise it. Anyhow. I bought seven of the biggest rocket fireworks I was legally allowed to buy. They were so big I wasn’t sure they’d fit into the van.

But they did.

My idea was to strap Bryn’s ashes to them.

But luckily our friend Petri stepped in to simplify matters.

Petri is kind gentle and very tall Fin – he is married to Jess Bonham another of my ex assistants. P flipped from Digital Operator [which he was brilliant at and was SO much fun to work with] to Scientist ! specifically he has some sort of rocket handling qualification. Perfect. So we drilled the rocket heads .. and poured in the boy’s ashes.

We made a playlist for him [Jarvis – Must we Evolve? + Zep – Stairway to Heaven]

Up he went over the Elan Valley, skipping the light fantastic. Shine on you lovely diamond .

Joseph Colley took the brilliant picture of Bryn by the backdoor .

I took the others.